Yu-Xiang, literally called fish (Yu) fragrance (Xiang), is a seasoning mixture in Chinese cuisine, it also refers to the resulting sauce in which meat or vegetables are cooked. The mixture is almost always composed of sugar, vinegar, fermented soy and chili paste, soy sauce and pickled chili peppers.

Even though it is called "fish fragrance", there is no trace of fish in the sauce, also it is not intented to be used for fish dishes. It is mainly used when preparing pork, chicken and as well as vegetable dishes.

Typical dishes, which are prepared in Yu-Xiang style are:

Yu-Xiang Rousi - Stir-fried shredded pork after Yu-Xiang style

Yu-Xiang Qiezi - Stir-fried eggplants after Yu-Xiang style

Yu-Xiang style is said to have originated from Szechuan cuisine, but it has widely spread to other regional Chinese cuisine, with deviations of ingredients used.


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